Important note: Strategic Equity Management is an active money manager and the following allocations could change at any time based on market conditions. This is not a recommendation for any individual portfolio.​

+ Bond Total EXCLUDES positions in short-term government or agency bonds, which tend to have lower volatility and may be used in lieu of money market positions.

^Alternative investments include things like Preferred Stocks, Inverse Treasury Bonds, Rising or Falling Dollar funds, Precious Metals, Commodities, Real Estate, etc.

~SEM at times uses "leveraged" funds that provide increased exposure to the given index. The totals above include the exposure the additional leverage provides.

The following is a summary of some of the signals that comprise SEM's investment programs.  This is not a recommendation for any individual portfolio.  Positions may change at any time without updates to this site.​

Current Signals (last trade in bold):
Income Allocator (INA):

High Yield Bond Trend - 50% BUY 3/31/17

Emerging Market Trend - BUY 1/18/17

CORE Holdings:

Cons. Allocation - 10/29/15, 12/15/15

Floating Rate Income - 5/26/16, 11/1/16, 11/23/16

High Yield Bonds - 4/26/16, 5/26/16, 8/5/16, 9/22/16

Multi-Sector Bonds - 9/29/14

Pref. Securities - 8/15/14, 4/20/16


Tactical Bond:

High Yield Bond Trend -  40% BUY 3/31/17

Floating Rate Income (Low Duration Money Market Alternative) - 11/23/16

Leveraged Government Bond (hedge of high yield holdings) - sold 6/29/16

Tax Advanatged Bond (TAB):

High Yield Bond Trend - Buy 11/25/15, SOLD 10/7/16, BUY 1/11/17

High Yield Bond Core Rotation - Buys on 8/5/15, 12/3/15; SOLD 67% on 10/4/16, final 33% SOLD 10/28/16

Dynamic Income Allocation (DIA):

Interest Rate / Economic Signal = Neutral since 3/1/16

Absolute Return (ARA):

High Yield Bond Trend - 50% BUY 3/31/17

Emerging Market Trend - BUY 1/18/17

Volatility System - - SOLD 3/31/17

CORE Holdings:

Dividend Growth - 11/5/15

Floating Rate Income - 11/12/13

High Yield Bonds - 7/11/16, 8/5/16

Real Estate Securities - 11/5/15

Dynamic Asset Allocator (DAA):

Economic Signal = Bearish since 6/1/17, Emerging Markets = Bullish 5/1/17, US = Bearish Signal 6/1/16

Dynamic Balanced Allocation (DBA):

*DBA is a 50/50 mixture of DIA & DAG; refer to those trade signals for trade dates.

Enhanced Portfolio Allocator (EPA):

Economic Outlook System - BUY 3/17/17

High Yield Bond Trend - 50% BUY 3/31/17

Emerging Market Trend - BUY 1/18/17

Price Divergence System - BULLISH 3/6/17

CORE Holdings:

Conservative Allocation - 3/20/12, 11/3/15

Dividend Growth - 11/5/15

Emerging Markets - 1/26/17

High Yield Bonds - 7/11/16, 8/5/16, 9/22/16

Large Cap Growth - bought 6/26/16, sold 8/9/16

Sector Rotation - Technology & Large Cap Growth (3/21/17)

Enhanced Growth Allocator (EGA):

Economic Outlook System - BUY 3/17/17

Market Composite Directional System - NEUTRAL 3/17/17

Price Divergence System - BULLISH 3/6/17

Volatility System - BUY 5/17/17, SELL 5/22/17

CORE Holdings:

Moderate Allocation - 3/20/12

Dividend Growth - 11/5/15

Large Cap Growth - 3/3/17

Sector Rotation - Technology & Large Cap Growth (3/21/17)

Dynamic Aggressive Growth (DAG):

Economic Signal = Bearish since 6/1/17, Emerging Markets = Bullish 5/1/17, US = Bearish Signal 6/1/16

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